Wednesday ، 2 December ، 2020
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Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Education


Name: Abuzar Khosravi

Position: Vice Chancellor for Research and Education

Degree: Ph.D

Rank: Assistant Professor

Phone number: 07142212305




1. To manage and monitor the implementation of all policies, regulations, and processes of undergraduate and postgraduate education of the institute, in accordance with the laws, and executive regulations related to the development of postgraduate studies.

2- Planning for undergraduate and postgraduate education in cooperation with the relevant units and monitoring the satisfactory performance of the duties of the affiliated units and the implementation of the programs and educational activities of each faculty as well as evaluating it and presenting the report to the board of governors.

3. Monitoring and evaluation of educational performance of students and faculty members and educational managers of different units every semester and providing feedback to the chancellor and announcing the results of evaluation to the faculty members.

4- Holding short in-service programs.

5- Planning to provide facilities and allocating the necessary credit for scientific-educational cooperation in the field and university and creating a suitable ground for achieving religious sciences and Islamic humanities.

6. Educational planning of the institute in accordance with the vision document, comprehensive scientific plan and land use planning.

7- Holding empowerment and knowledge raising courses.

8. Reviewing and revising the syllabi of the courses in order to update and improve the efficiency of the faculty members as well as the organization and value of the courses, and to make recommendations to the ministry as appropriate.

9. Planning for the promotion of students' academic and professional skills to enter the community.

10. Monitoring and evaluating the process of implementation of the comprehensive scientific plan of the country at the institute in coordination with the Ministry.

11. Managing and supervising the proper implementation of all research and technology affairs, libraries and information institutes of the institution, in accordance with the laws and regulations.

12. Planning and policy making to enhance the level of scientific and international cooperation.

13. Prioritizing the part in innovation in the theoretical and applied research field of the country.

14. Developing, strengthening, and directing research projects approved with prioritization of targeted research and based on the vision document, development plans and comprehensive science map of the country.

15. Controlling and supervising the Institute's research processes based on the calendar specified in the design of the approved research and research projects.

16. Doing necessary studies for evaluating research activities as well as the annual research performance of the Institute to be presented to the head of the institute.

17. Establishing the necessary communication with the domestic and foreign institutions in order to cooperate in the research and exchange of scientific services.

18. Cooperation in the provision of scientific, cultural and social services, scientific seminars and conferences, and the implementation of all research and service contracts between the institute and other institutions.

19-Collaborating on the implementation of short-term research courses for non-academic institutions.

20. Planning for the faculty members to enjoy studying opportunities in and outside the country, in accordance with the approved criteria.

21- Preparing the Institute's research program and presenting the goals and determining the research priorities in the form of mid-term and long-term programs and supporting the establishment of centers for growth, entrepreneurship and science and technology parks .

22. Evaluating the activities of the Institute within the framework of the country's growth and development plans in the higher education sector following  the Board of Governors.

23. Identifying and defining the topics and programs of the scientific-joint research and planning to provide the facilities and allocate the necessary credit for the scientific-research cooperation of the Hozeh and university and creating a suitable ground for achieving the Islamic goals to the specialized field of the institute.


Salman Farsi University of Kazerun, Taleghani St, Ershad Intersection, Kazerun, Iran.

Phone number: 07142212341-2 , 07142226051-2



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