Wednesday ، 2 December ، 2020
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Office of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs’ duties

Seyyed Hashem Khatami

Position: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs’ duties

Degree: MA

Rank: Instructor

Phone number: 07142216050


General duties:

1. Announcing all laws and regulations issued by the university chancellor to the relevant units and monitoring and supervising their appropriate implementation.

2- Preparing the rules and instructions and the order of meetings related to the duties of the Vice-Chancellor to be handed to authorities for approval.

3. Presenting necessary justification reports to the university chancellor as to the duties assigned to the supervised units.

4- Recommending qualified individuals to the University Chancellor to hold positions of management related to this department.

5. Supervision of affiliated departments in order to ensure the efficient execution of their duties.

6. Planning, organizing activities and proposing the annual budget of the university in accordance with the priorities of the institution.

7. Collaboration with other deputies for satisfactory implementation of university programs.

8. Carry out other assignments offered by the university chancellor

 Dedicated tasks:

1- To supervise the implementation of all student affairs of the institution, in accordance with the provisions and relevant regulations.

2- Setting up and managing the Student Affairs Advicing Process in terms of education, welfare and health.

3. Supervising activities related to facilities offered to students and their welfare programs.

4. Planning for management and promotion of affairs, welfare, and health of the students.

5. Observation and evaluation of the status of the welfare, health of the Institute and reporting to the head of the institute.

6. Paving the way for the participation and co-operation of students in improving the status of the institution.


Salman Farsi University of Kazerun, Taleghani St, Ershad Intersection, Kazerun, Iran.

Phone number: 07142212341-2 , 07142226051-2



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