Saturday ، 17 November ، 2018
About US

Salman Farsi is one of Kazerun very Universities. Thanks to the supports made by Ayatollah Asadolah Imani as the Friday prayer Imam of the time, Mr Nozari as the parliament member representing Kazerun, and authorities of Shiraz University as well as the city officials, the University began operating in 1983 as a teacher training college in Persian language and literature with 30 students. After a decade of successful activities, the center secured its independence from Shiraz University in 1993 to offer some new fields of study. In 1995 it was granted permission to present MA in Persian language and literature. Regarding the potentials and also the constant attempts made by city officials, the center was allowed to develop into an autonomous University following the presidential visit of Kazerun in 1997 provided that critical infrastructure is developed. Hence, Salman Farsi was adopted as the name for the University.

To develop further, the center began accepting BA students in physics and associates in electrical engineering in 1997. Two years later, general psychology and Information technology were also added to the list. Later on, through the attempts made by Dr Khromai as the head of the center and Dr Mohamad Sadeghi as the parliament member representing Kazerun, the center was promoted to the next level and the ground was laid for it to promote into a University. In 2000, new fields of study also began accepting applicants such as BA in computer science, electrical engineering, and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL).

In 2001, the request to become a University was finally granted by the ministry of science via the public pronouncement of the government cabinet number 17193/18672. The new headquarters of the University is already under construction in an 87 acre land near the entrance to the city and next to the Payame Noor University of Kazerun.

So far 1637 students have graduated from Salman Farsi University, 120 of which have been accepted for MA and MS in state Universities, 50 in Islamic Azad Universities, and 10 in PhD entrance exam. At the moment, the university has around 1500 students. Salman Farsi University of Kazerun includes three colleges namely: literature and human sciences, technical and engineering, and fundamental sciences. These colleges offer the following fourteen fields of study:

1. BA in Persian language and literature

2. MA in Persian language and literature

3. PhD in Persian language and literature

4. BA in general psychology

5. MA in general psychology

6. BA in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL)

7. Associates degree in electrical engineering

8. BS in electrical engineering

9. Electronics (engineering)

10. Information technology engineering

11. Municipal (urban) engineering

12. Computer sciences

13. BA in physics

14. BA in Applied mathematics 

The following persons have served as the president of the University from its very early establishment:

1. Dr Reza Puladi (1993-2006)

2. Dr Mohtasham Mohammadi (2006-2007)

3. Dr Farhad Khormai (2007-2014)

4. Dr Reza Puladi (2014-2016)

5. Dr Farhad Barati (2016 to the present)